Comment Choisir Le Bon Coussin De Méditation ?

How to choose the right meditation cushion?

In the pursuit of inner peace, meditation has become an effective practice in calming the mind, cultivating mindfulness and exploring your inner world. A key element that can greatly improve your meditation experience is the right cushion. A meditation cushion offers comfort, support and stability, allowing you to maintain good posture and focus on your practice without meeting joint or back pain. In this article, we will explore the different types of meditation cushions available to help you find the one that suits you best to support your meditation trip.


Traditional zafu cushions

Zafu cushions are traditional round meditation cushions used for centuries. They are generally filled with buckwheat or kapok or spelled shells, which offer a firm but comfortable base. The Zafu pursues the hips, allowing the knees to rest comfortably on the ground or on a meditation mat. Their height and firmness help maintain a correct posture, allowing deep and targeted meditation.


 Modern zafu cushions

Cylindrical in shape, this meditation cushion exists in 2 heights, 15 cm and 18 cm. It is adapted to the little flexible people of hips, often feeling adductors' pain, needing more height or who prefer to meditate on the knees. It is then placed under the glutes in the knees position, legs and feet placed on both sides of Zafu.


Zabuton cushions

Zabuton cushions are rectangular or round carpets designed to provide padding and support for ankles, knees and shins during meditation. They are filled with kapok and are commonly used in conjunction with Zafu cushions. Zabutons provide a soft and stable base, helping to relieve pressure on the joints and improve general comfort during prolonged meditation sessions.


Moon Croissant Zafu Cushions


The growing cushions, also called half-moon cushions, are a variation of the Zafu cushions. They have the shape of a moon crescent, with a flat side and a curved side. The growing cushions offer versatility by offering two different seat angles. The flat side offers a lower seat height, while the curved side offers a higher seat for those who need more elevation. They are suitable for people with flexibility and variable body types.


Shogi benches

Seiza benches are wooden benches that promote a knee posture during meditation. They have an inclined seat that relieves tension on the knees and ankles, which makes them ideal for people who find the leg positions uncomfortable or difficult. Seiza benches encourage a straight and aligned posture, allowing deep breathing and better concentration.



 Finding the right meditation cushion depends on your needs, your preferences and your morphology. Whether you opt for a classic combination of Zafu and Zabuton, a culfing cushion or a bench, the key is to favor comfort, stability and good alignment. Experience with different cushions, ask us or experience experienced practitioners to help you choose the cushion that supports your meditation practice and will allow you to deepen your connection with yourself and discover the transformative advantages of meditation.


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