Comment Utiliser les Coussins de Yoga

How to use yoga cushions


Paschimottanasana(Bending before seat)














This front flexion installation makes it possible to stretch all the rear body muscles, from head to toe. The use of this rectangular yoga cushion brings a gentle stretching and promotes the maintenance of pose longer.
















The use of cushionyoga rectangular In this Asana allows a beautiful opening around the chest and shoulders as well as a slight rear flexion.

This variation is ideal if lengthening on the back causes respiratory disturbances.

To relieve the lower back, fold your knees and place them with the width of the carpet.


Horizontal pranayama














If you practice horizontal pranayama, narrow width and slight uprising offered by the yoga cushion prana Allow the chest to relax and open, increasing pulmonary capacity and space on the chest.


Lotus (cross -legged)

mini bowlster














Sitting in the Lotus position, knee support using theMini Yoga Bolster Helps to release tension in your hips and adductors (inner thigh muscles), and allows you to find more ease in installation.


Viparita Karani (legs in the pose wall)

Boster cylinder














This inversion position is a position of letting go which has calming effects on the nervous system. It relieves the lower back and stretching the hamstring muscles. THEcylinder yoga cushion Bring here a slight rear flexion and then allows a greater opening of the chest, thus promoting deep breath.


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