Interpétation du Conte d'Apulée - Marie Louise von Franz

Interpeating the tale of Apuleius - Marie Louise von Franz

"The being who, descending in himself, agrees to meet his own" shadows "and to dialogue with them, that is to say with what he ignores, refuses or despised himself, will come out enriched And consolidated by these experiences. He will also meet, during this exploration, deep dynamisms which, if he becomes aware of them, experiences them and marries them in all lucidity, will transform him: he strictly speaking of metamorphoses.

 These dynamisms are rarely understood by the blinded subject, especially at the beginning of the inner work, by painful states of which he too often distinguishes the neurotic symptoms with the inappropriates they cause, and by the spirit of time, or way of thinking of the time, which sees in all this only sickly and nothing else. But if someone who has passed by there knows how to be both his witness and his support in this process, he can, over time and through many trials, be transmmed in that it is moreover vast and deeper.

 It is a real overhaul of its central nucleus, when it is not the very formation of this nucleus, if it had not been able to build up, had been structured abnormal, or was found broken. This unique and infinitely diverse interior adventure is not intended, we understand it, with a single Calegoria of individuals: "The sick". Some will simply seek the healing of symptoms that paralyze their lives and others, enlargement and enrichment.

 For still others, it will be an irresistible call, under penalty of destruction, to undertake the "queste", the inner adventure. The least cultivated can succeed if he has the intelligence of the heart and righteousness ... at all times, she has occupied the interest of humanity. It is reflected in myths and religions, legends, sagas and cycles of stories such as those of the round table, in the various spiritual and initiatory societies, and finally in these symbols of natural transmutations that the alchemy."



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