Kapok ou balle d'épeautre, quelle bourre est mieux adaptée pour vous?

Kapok or spelled ball, what stuff is better suited for you?

For a deep meditative practice it is important to maintain a good posture and allow the energy to circulate well, especially at the level of the spine. To do this, meditation cushions are very practical. A good meditation cushion must not only have the right height, the right shape but also the right padding. At Atelier Cocon we paddle our cushions with spelled ball or kapok because these two vegetable materials make perfect bounds for sitting meditation.

The organic spelled ball











Cultivated in the Moroccan rif, the spelled is considered to be theancestor wheat.The spelled ball is the envelope covering the seed that is obtained after having dissected it.

Hypoallergenic and not holding humidity, The spelled ball offers a firm and stable seat allowing a straight posture for good circulation of the energy flow.

This is highly appreciated by practitioners and meditation professionals, and is advised for people who want to challenge themselves.



Coming from the kapokier tree, kapok is a hypoalllergenic, biodegradable and rot -proof plant wool.

The meditation cushions padded in kapok offer a less dense seat than spelled and more soft, thus making it more comfortable especially if we also want to use The cushion for a relaxed seat.

Now that you know more about these different troops, choose from Our meditation cushions The most suitable padding for you!

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