Notre promesse à l'environnement

Our promise to the environment


At the time of overconsumption and an inevitable planetary environmental crisis, we are looking for Cocoon workshop every day to reduce our impact on the environment and create with good intention.



In our workshop, this quest begins with our raw materials. Indeed, although we would like to create our own fabrics, we estimated that there were enough on the market to create wonderful yoga and meditation accessories. We therefore chin rollers of forgotten and remaining fabrics of large industrial orders with our local merchants, thus encouraging small shops and giving these fabrics a second life. In addition, our fabric falls are collected and then sent to be crushed and used as padding or to be spun again.



Our meditation and yoga cushions are padded with vegetable materials or recycled materials. For example, the ball of the little spelled which is used to pad our half -moon of meditation, is cultivated in the Moroccan Rif on a certified organic farm. Kapok, which is used to pad our bolsters, is an rot-proof and anti-microbial vegetable wool. Finally, our cotton fiber padding comes from cotton clothing or crushed industrial falls to obtain cotton fiber.


Packaging and packaging

Although very challenging, we strive to use at least plastic to pack and send our packages to your home. To do this, we use recycled boxes, that is to say before used to which we give a second life again. Our bags are in kraft papers and our labels are in recycled kraft too. We also use fabric covers that you can reuse as bags.


Finally, we work to boost the economy by signing our products locally and encouraging the use of Moroccan workforce and know-how. It is also thanks to our three seamstresses that our workshop is capable of offering you hand -made and intention products.

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