Élevez Votre Pratique du Yoga : Les Avantages de l'Utilisation de Traversins de Yoga

Raise your yoga practice: the advantages of the use of yoga bolts

The advantages of using Bolster Yoga

Yoga, an ancient practice from India, has acquired immense popularity worldwide due to its many physical, mental and spiritual advantages. While many practitioners are familiar with carpets, blocks and straps, an often overlooked accessory that can greatly improve your yoga experience is the bin to yoga. This versatile and support accessory can transform your practice, offering comfort, stability and a deeper connection to your body and your breathing. In this blog, we will explore the different advantages of the use of yoga bornees and why they are an essential addition to your yoga toolbox.


1. Favor a good alignment

One of the main advantages of the incorporation of yoga bowls in your practice is their ability to promote good alignment. The bans offer support and stability, allowing you to relax and settle more comfortably in the poses. Place a bike under the knees in tilted poses, such as Savasana or Panta Baddha Konasana, helps align the spine and release tensions in the lower back. By maintaining a correct alignment, you can prevent tensions and injuries, allowing a safer and more efficient practice.


2. Deepens and prolongs the poses

Yoga bolsters are excellent tools to deepen and extend poses, allowing practitioners to explore their full potential. For example, in the opening postures of the heart like Bridge poses or supported Fish poses, place a bolts under the length of the spine improves the opening of the chest and shoulders. By raising the torso, the bolts facilitate a deeper stretch, allowing the breathing to circulate more freely and encouraging a greater feeling of expansion and liberation.


3. Supports the practice of restorative yoga

The yoga, restorative yoga restaurant focuses on relaxation, rejuvenation and deep healing. Yoga bans are essential accessories to create a favorable and nourishing environment in restorative poses. They offer gentle support for the body, promoting a feeling of being held and rocked. Whether in the installation of a sustained child, a slight rear flexion or an inclined torsion, the bolts help to relax the muscles, calms the mind and encourages a state of deep rest and restoration. The incorporation of bolts in restorative practices can improve sleep, reduce stress and improve general well-being.


4. improves pranayama and meditation

The use of bolsters during Pranayama (breathing) and meditation practices can greatly improve experience. When you are seated for meditation, place one or two bolts under the Ischions provides support and elevation, allowing a more comfortable and aligned posture. This support helps lengthen the spine and relieve tension in hips and lower back, allowing practitioners to sit for longer periods with ease and concentration. In Pranayama practices such that supported Savasana or Reclining Bound Pose, a bolts under the upper back and the head can promote relaxation and facilitate deep breathing.


5. Help with prenatal and postnatal yoga

Yoga bans are particularly beneficial during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. The additional support provided by bolts can help pregnant women to maintain their comfort while practicing yoga and to modify the poses as their bodies changes. Business can be used to relieve the pressure on the abdomen, support the weight of the belly and create a safe and comfortable environment for relaxation. After childbirth, bans can help rebuild the strength and stability of the trunk, thus facilitating the recovery process.


The integration of yoga bolts into your practice can considerably improve your overall yoga experience. From the promotion of a good alignment and the deepening of poses to supporting restorative practices and meditation, the bolts offer a range of advantages for practitioners of all levels. They encourage relaxation, ease and greater connection with breathing and body, allowing you to explore new depths in your yoga trip.


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