La balle d'épeautre, le rembourrage aux multiples vertus.

The spelled ball, the padding with multiple virtues.

Spelled is a cereal cultivated for millennia approaching common wheat but having the particularity of being "dressed". Indeed the spelled seed is protected by a shell called "ball", thus requiring extraction work. Associated with Mediterranean civilizations, it is in Morocco cultivated in the Rif region. This cereal very little greedy in water, adapts to dry and mountainous floors and isgenerally from organic culture since it does not require the use of fertilizers or pesticides.

It was therefore in the resources of the Moroccan Rif mountains that Atelier Cocon went drawn up to offer you padded products from the 100% organic spelled ball.

We have chosen to padded our meditation cushions and some of our Bolsters yoga with spelled ball because in addition to being a plant material this has exceptional advantages and virtues:

  • Excellent support for cervicals:

The meditation cushions padded with the spelled ball allow a relaxation and improves tensions at the neck and therefore trapezius and the areas responsible for chronic cervical pain.

Spelled bullets are small individual particles which move freely depending on the pressure applied, therefore they will adjust to maintain the most comfortable posture at the nape or during the suitable seat on a meditation cushion. In addition, they are able to stimulate neck muscles for better traffic.

Discover LesMini Yoga Bolsters Cocoon workshop for the neck.

mini bowlster

  • Hypoallergenic properties:

Spelled balls are not associated with any allergenic characteristic; They are compatible with any skin type. Before using them we clean them to get rid of dust and potential residues, therefore they are completely safe for those with allergies, asthma and sinus problems. The spelled bullets that we use at Atelier Cocon come from organic cultivation and are therefore free from chemicals and toxins.

  • A breath that breathes:

The spelled ball has excellent breathability characteristics of this fact our meditation cushionsAnd Yoga Bolsters do not retain no humiditypreventing Thus annoying microorganisms such as bacteria to develop.


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