Pourquoi Utiliser Des Coussins en Méditation?

Why use meditation cushions?

In meditation, position is an important component of practice. Although difficult, righteousness is what allows a good flow of energy from the root of your spine up and allows you to remain alert and present. In addition, an adequate seat will allow better comfort and therefore better concentration during meditative practice.

In meditation two cushions are used:



Zafu, meditation cushion is designed to improve posture during meditation. The cushion lifts hips for The pressure exerted on the knees, the ankles and the back, thus making the position sitting longer and much more comfortable.For this a meditation cushion Must have a minimum of firmness to avoid sagging. THEzafus Cocoon workshop are padded with spelled ball offering a stable seat.



During prolonged meditation  The pressure on the articulations of the ankles and especially the toes can become embarrassing and lead to tingling thus disturbing your practice. A meditation cushion on the ground (zabuton) placed below zafu will relieve these pressure points and offer them a support to allow you to dive deep into your interior space. In Atelier Cocon we paddle our zabutons with kapok, a 100% vegetable wool which provides dense and soft support.


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