Zabuton, le coussin de sol qui rend votre méditation plus confortable.

Zabuton, the floor cushion that makes your meditation more comfortable.

Cushion from Japan, Zabuton is a con cushionvsU to make the seat on the ground more comfortable. We find him in Japanese houses to watch television, but also to sit down. We traditionally sit in the Seiza position, that is to say on the knees.

Around the world the Zabuton is known for its use in meditation. Generally placed under a "zafu" meditation cushion, it serves as a cushioning to relieve the pressure exerted in the ankles and knees during a long meditation.

A workshop cocoon we design zabutons which are intended for the practice of meditation but which can also be used as a decorative element in Floor cushion.

We offer different types of zabutons, each adapted to different postures and styles:

Presenting a simple and pointed shape, this padded zabuton of high quality foam provides dense and stable support and cushioning, ideal for yina yina practice or for meditation on a knees.

meditation cushion

More rounded, this floor cushion will give you a feeling ofbe well raised compared to the ground. The extra Kapok padding provides soft support and cozy for leafy meditation. This cushion can also serve as a decorative element.

meditation cushion

Equipped with a handle, this floor cushion is ideal forBe moved from one room to another or if you practice in the studio. Its padding is less dense and therefore makes it lighter to transport.







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