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Natural padding

Our meditation cushions are padded with 100% organic, very high quality and eco-responsible materials.

Improve the experience of your meditation practice.

Beginners or advanced, our cushions respond to all types of morphology to help you find the necessary comfort and dive into your meditation.

Customer reviews

Fosca d'Acau

***** one year ago

"I never thought that the quality of a cushion could have so positively influence my meditation sessions. When I heard for the first time cushions in the Cocon workshop, I did not necessarily see the interest to buy one. Since a friend offered it to me, I completely changed my mind. Before using it, I often had pain in the back and shoulders following long meditation sessions. Thanks to AC cushions, I can have to stay in the meditation position even for half without any pain or fatigue. Beyond its usefulness, it is also an object of design very beautiful to have at home. I highly recommend buying it for you and offering it to your yogis friends :) "

Find even more comfort!

Complete the comfort of your seat and create a corner at home to practice meditation with our meditation sets

Which cushion is suitable for you?

A meditation cushion offers comfort, support and stability, allowing you to maintain good posture and focus on your practice without meeting joint or back pain. In this article, we will explore the different types of meditation cushions available to help you find the one that suits you best to support your meditation trip.

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