You are a hotel, a yoga studio or a wellness center, let Cocon workshop accompany you. We locally manufacture for you high quality, eco-responsible and durable yoga and meditation accessories that align with the mind and aesthetics of your studio.

Tailor -made

Benefit from the support and advice of our designer and founder Chama El Ajmi, and the expertise of our workshop to make to design tailor -made products together thanks to a team ready to deliver you within 1 to 3 weeks Depending on your order.

Do not waste more time looking for raw materials and providers, we are here to provide you with the support you need.

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Embroidery or logo printing, color pallets, models, take advantage of personalization to stand out with unique accessories to your studio

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Why consult us?

Identity & notoriety

Whether you are a hotel, a yoga teacher or a pension organizer, the logo personalization of your accessories is a great way to make your brand known and gain the confidence of your customers.

Your customers comfort

Your customers will no longer have to get fucked and worrying about bringing their accessories back, they will find comfort as well as the equipment ready to be used to take advantage of a wellness moment in your establishment.

Guarantee of quality

You will have a room equipped with quality and eco -responsible equipment, aesthetically harmonious recognized as being a space conducive to practice and relaxation, thus testifying to your desire to offer the best to your customers.

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  • Meryem Chouirf -McClintock - Qarrya Retreats

    AS A Yoga Retreats Company, We Are Always on the Lookout for High-Quality, Sustainable, Easy To Clean Yoga Accessories. Our Search for Customized Bolsters LED Me To Workshop Cocoon.

    Our collaboration with workshop cocon has been not a Nothing Short of Inspiring, Particularly due to the Visionary Force Behind It - Chama. Her unparalled dedication and genuine commitment to customer satisfaction is truly inspiration.

    Now, let's dive into the specifics of the bolsters.the craftsmanship is impeccable and the attention to detail is evident in the stitching, manufacture, and overall design. It's clear that workshop cocon prioriitize quality and takes pride in their work. The Bolster's Exterior is not only visually appealing but also sustainable, Ensuring Their Longevity through Countless Practices.

    The Real Magic, However, Lies in the Bolster's Performance During the Practice. The Firmness of the Bolster Strikes The Perfect Balance Between Support and Comfort. Whether it's being use in restorative poses, asanas that require gentle elevation, or daring meditation, it provides unwavering support that encourages relaxation and deep stretching.

    Knowning that I am supporting A Small Woman-Owned Business Adds A Layer of Satisfaction to our Purchase. It's Heartening to Support Fellow Women Entrepreneurs who Are Dedicated To Creating Truly Unique Products.

    Keep Doing What You Do! "

    In Health and Gratitude, Meryem chouirf-mcclintock | Shine

  • Mounia Hammouda by Shido Mind

    I had the immense pleasure of ordering yoga accessories and meditation at the Cocon workshop. What more can I say that all my experience, as the founder of the Shido Mind studio and a yoga teacher, was full of pleasures. The workshop was of a rare proposal force: ranging from the creation phase, of choice then proposals of colors, materials, padding, etc., to the great joy of reception of wonders created with great love and of professionalism. Thanks to Chama and the Cocon workshop brand. Everything was more than perfect. Any founder animated by the sense of detail, the comfort of the practitioner yogi/meditating, taste and technique would be happy with the Cocon workshop choice.

    With all my gratitude,

    Mounia Eva Hammouda, founder Shido Mind Studio.

  • Zahra Bennani - Yoga Lab

    Favorite for our collaboration with Atelier Cocon. Chama immediately seized the universe of yoga lab, and imagined with great sensitivity, heart and passion our first capsule collection. We worked hand in hand, and everything was so fluid and so natural! Beyond his professionalism, it was his sense of detail that particularly touched me. And I am delighted to continue our collaboration! Thank you chama 🤍

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