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Lilas Round Meditation Set

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Create your meditation corner to find yourself whenever the need arises. The Lilas SET offers you the comfort and ergonomics you need to dive into your meditation as well as the aesthetic side to arrange a Zen corner in your bedroom or living room.

The rounded lilac meditation set has a textured tissue and is part of our Aura collection,A collection intended to brighten up your interior spaces.

The whole set includes:

- a zabuton,Traditional Japanese cushion used for ground floor padded with kapok. Ideal for a Zen decor, the zabuton is also used in meditation generally under a zafu thus offering a cushioning at your feet, ankles and knees for a longer -lasting sitting position.

- A zafu, meditation cushion that lifts your hips to relieve the pressure exerted on your knees, your ankles and your back, thus making the sitting position longer and much more comfortable. Choose between traditional zafu or modern zafu for less flexible people hips needing more height.

Packing either at kapok or recycled cotton according to your choice.

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