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Atelier Cocon

Mineral Modern Meditation Cushion - Meditation Zafu

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Cylindrical in shape, this meditation cushion exists in 2 heights, 15 cm and 18 cm. It is adapted to the little flexible people of hips, often feeling adductors' pain, needing more height or who prefer to meditate on the knees. It is then placed under the glutes in the knees position, legs and feet placed on both sides of Zafu.

Designed to improve your position during meditation, the cushion raises your hips and adapts to your morphology Relieving the pressure exerted on your knees, your ankles and your back, thus making the sitting position longer and much more comfortable.

The Zafus are placed on the ground or ideally on a "Zabuton" meditation mat. A handle allows you to move them easily and a removable cover facilitates their maintenance.


The inner cover is made from a noble and iridescent fabric and the interior cover of the meditation cushion is padded with the spelled ball from Moroccan agriculture.

35cm diameter x 15 cm high




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