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Atelier Cocon

Moon Croissant Zafu - Cream meditation cushion

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Having a height at the back upper back to the front of the cushion, the half-moon zafu is used for leafy meditation. For meditating, especially beginners, having a real difficulty in maintaining a posture of the right back, the difference in height of the half-moon zafu will allow the basin slightly forward, thus supporting the natural curve of the column effortlessly . The basin is then raised and the body weight transferred forward for better circulation and therefore better comfort.

This cream -colored meditation cushion is made with a 100% cotton outdoor cover and an interior cover in padded canvas with spelled ball, an ancestral seed envelope cultivated in the Moroccan Rif. This type of filling offers you a firm and stable seat for a good posture during your meditation.

Made in our workshop in Rabat

Delivery in Morocco

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