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Atelier Cocon

Ritual Pack - Candle & Censer

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Candle scent

Ride your Zen corner and your rituals with this sublime set designed to bring you beauty and serenity.

The pack includes:

An censer:

Designed in collaboration with a potter, our censers, in addition to being decorative, allow you to let your sage Or Palo Santo to create a mystical atmosphere in your interior space.

The censer available in brown and black comes with a stick of sage. If you want several sticks you can order them separately here.

10 cm in diameter x 4 cm in height


With its aesthetic beauty, this candle will enhance your interior while creating an olfactory atmosphere that will immerse you in the Cocoon workshop universe.
The smell is gradually diffused and captivates you, creating a moment of sensory connection.

This vegetable candle is 100 % natural and non -toxic

Coming from Moroccan know-how, the terracotta container is made locally in collaboration with a potter in Rabat.


Soy vegetable wax

Natural perfume of orange blossom or verbena

Wooden wick



About 50 hours of combustion

Usage tips:

During the first use, let it burn until complete liquefaction of the upper surface.

After each use, cut the burned part of the wick using a nail cut. 

A B HASSage tone

Known to be a sacred plant in the peoples of North America, sage grows all over the world and keeps the same virtues according to its origin. Our sage comes from local Moroccan culture.

The sage's smudging has purifying virtues since the smoke that emerges from antibacterial and antiviral properties, ideal then to purify but also to flavor your interior if you appreciate wooded odors. The aroma of burnt sage would also have soothing virtues thus fighting against anxiety and stress, undoubtedly due to the feeling of connection to the almost instantaneous nature when you smell its smell.


About 15 cm


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