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Sage fumigation stick

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Known to be a sacred plant in the peoples of North America, sage grows all over the world and keeps the same virtues according to its origin. Our sage comes from local Moroccan culture.

The sage's smudging has purifying virtues since the smoke that emerges from antibacterial and antiviral properties, ideal then to purify but also to flavor your interior if you appreciate wooded odors. The aroma of burnt sage would also have soothing virtues thus fighting against anxiety and stress, undoubtedly due to the feeling of connection to the almost instantaneous nature when you smell its smell.

Traditionally sage fumigation is used by indigenous peoples to hunt negative energies.

Our sage sticks are made in our workshop and maintained by a 100% ecru cotton thread.

How to proceed to fumigation:

- light your stick using a source of fire preferably natural like a candle

- When the flame takes, blow on the stick to activate and prolong the fumigation and purify your space starting with the doors and window frames then the central air of the room. You can also pass the smoke along your body, and above your head through circular movements.

- Turn off the stick by delicately crushing it against your censer, or leave the sage burned if you wish the desired time.

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