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Why Use Meditation Cushions?

by Atelier Cocon 01 Mar 2024 0 Comments

In meditation, posture is an important component of practice. Although difficult, uprightness is what enables a good flow of energy from the root of your spine upwards and keeps you alert and present. Furthermore proper sitting will enhance your comfort and concentration during meditation practice.
At Atelier Cocon we offer two kind of meditation cushions:


The zafu meditation cushion is designed to improve posture during meditation. The cushion lifts the hips to relieve pressure on the knees, ankles and back, making sitting longer much more comfortable. For this reason, a meditation cushion must have a minimum of firmness to avoid sagging.
At Atelier Cocon, we offer two types of natural cushion fillings in our zafu:
Spelt husks and kapok wool 

The Zabuton, Floor Pillow

    During prolonged meditation, the pressure on the ankle joints and especially the toes can become annoying and lead to tingling, disrupting your practice. A floor meditation cushion (zabuton) placed underneath the zafu will relieve these pressure points and give them support, allowing you to plunge deeply into your inner space. At Atelier Cocon, we stuff our zabutons with Kapok, a 100% vegetable wool that provides dense, soft support.

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