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The Futon, Your Gentle Practice Prop

by Atelier Cocon 01 Mar 2024 0 Comments
A yoga futon is a traditional Japanese yoga mat that is generally thicker and softer than Western yoga mats. Our futons are padded with Kapok to provide support and cushioning for your muscles and joints.

The yoga futon is often used in gentle yoga styles and meditation practices. It is particularly useful for postures that require significant pressure on the knees, elbows or hips, as it offers a softer, more comfortable surface than thinner yoga mats. The yoga futon can also be used as a floor mat for other activities such as napping, relaxing or reading.

If you too like to start your day by stretching gently, waking up and feeling your body as it transitions smoothly from bed to an active day, the futon is for you!

Thicker and softer than a traditional yoga mat, our futon is made from a breathable linen fabric and padded with Kapok to keep your muscles and joints happy.

Whether for morning flow, pranayama, meditation or yoga nidra, the futon offers a wide surface, dense support for the whole body and good circulation. Versatile, you can also roll up part of the futon during meditation to lift your pelvis or neck.

If you're a fan of gentle yoga such as yin yoga or restorative yoga, practicing on a soft surface will be more comfortable for holding postures for long periods. Indeed, holding any asana, even shavasana, for more than 5 min can lead to numbness or even tingling.

In short, the choice of a futon for yoga practice depends on the individual needs and preferences of each practitioner. However, for those seeking a comfortable, breathable and thick surface for their yoga practice, a futon can be an excellent choice.

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