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Which Meditation Cushion Stuffing Is Right For You ?

by Atelier Cocon 15 Feb 2024 0 Comments

For a deep meditation practice, it's important to maintain good posture and allow energy to circulate properly, especially around the spine. Meditation cushions are very practical for this purpose. A good meditation cushion needs to be not only the right height and shape, but also the right stuffing. At Atelier Cocon, we stuff our cushions with spelt husk or kapok, as these two plant-based materials make perfect stuffing for sitting meditation.

Organic spelt husk

Grown in the Moroccan Rif, spelt is considered to be the ancestor of wheat. The spelt husk is the envelope covering the hulled seed. Hypoallergenic and moisture-repellent, spelt husk provides a firm, stable base for an upright posture and good energy flow. It is highly appreciated by meditation practitioners and professionals, and is recommended for those wishing to achieve a strong upright posture.

Kapok wool

Derived from the kapok tree, kapok is a hypoallergenic, biodegradable and rot-proof plant wool.
Meditation cushions stuffed with Kapok are dense and softer less heavy than spelt cushions, ideal if you also want to move the cushion around or use it for casual sitting.
Now that you know more about these different fillings, choose the meditation cushion with the most suitable filling for you!


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