Where your identity inspires our creativity and your needs meet our expertise.

Where your identity inspires our creativity and your needs meet our expertise.

Welcome to our bespoke offer, designed for professionals looking to elevate their mindfulness spaces with props aligned with their needs and aesthetics.


When you choose Atelier Cocon, you choose a women owned small business committed to the protection of our planet and the guarantee of a safe and pleasant work environment for its team.
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Clients Testimonials

"As a Yoga Retreats Company, we are always on the lookout for high-quality, durable, easy to clean yoga accessories. Our search for customized bolsters led me to Atelier Cocon. Our collaboration with Atelier Cocon has been nothing short of inspiring, particularly due to the visionary force behind it - Chama. Her unparalleled dedication and genuine commitment to customer satisfaction is truly inspiring.
Meryem Chouirf-McClintock | Founder 
I was delighted to order yoga and meditation accessories from Atelier Cocon. What more can I say than that my whole experience, as founder of Studio Shido Mind and yoga teacher, has been full of pleasure. Atelier Cocon was a rare force to be reckoned with: from the creation phase, choosing and then proposing colors, materials and upholstery...., to the great joy of receiving the wonders created with great love and professionalism. Many thanks to Chama and the Atelier Cocon brand. Everything was beyond perfect. Any founder with an eye for detail, yogi/meditator comfort, taste and technique would be happy with the choice of Atelier Cocon. With all my gratitude,
Mounia Eva Hammouda - Shido Mind Studio
Chama has a gift for capturing the world of her customers and going beyond their expectations by paying particular attention to detail. For the duration of a collaboration, she transports us into her cocoon and ensures that we leave enchanted, injecting a hint of that cocoon into each of her creations. A real little fairy, this Chama.
Zahra Bennani - Yoga Lab

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